“Disgusting” football is SPL norm

Scott Brown’s post-match comments on Saturday hit the mark: “I thought Lasley’s tackle on Loovens was disgusting”, “If Motherwell want to go above the ball and that is the way their manager wants them to play then so be it”.  Referee Calum Murray failed to award a straight red card for Lasley’s challenge on Loovens, or a second yellow soon thereafter, which set the tone for a bitter contest, but bully-boy tactics at Fir Park and Inverness cost Celtic dearly earlier this year.

Celtic met Motherwell head on in this department on Saturday.  Ki Sung-Yueng and Brown ensured that no one in the Motherwell team had the psychological edge.

Life in the SPL is as much about winning the battle as finding your man.

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  • greenjedi

    kill or be killed

  • reilly1926


  • the hooped crusader


  • Vinibhoy – Named Neil Lennon on his birth certificate

    Boom Boom

  • Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon

    Afternoon Celts

  • Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon

    Let’s not reduce ourselves to their level. Hard but fair is the way to do it

  • Vinibhoy – Named Neil Lennon on his birth certificate

    I shouldn’t have read the article!!!!

    School boy error!


    bit of retaliation in first on Saturday.

    I like it!

    Kick it up the park an’ gie us a boady…….

  • Johnthefishfarmer


  • the hooped crusader

    This podium thing is quite childish, and no its not cause I was not first.
    Well maybe it is ;-)

  • greenjedi

    Gordon J

    Who was it that said “get your retaliation in first”?

  • Kittoch

    I thought big Dans desperate lunge was everybit as bad as Lasley’s, and then on a yellow he handles the ball under no pressure.

    There I said it

    Tin Hat on!

  • philvisreturns

    In other news, I see Hearts are now officially considering selling Tynecastle to a supermarket developer and moving somewhere cheaper.

    May I propose they move somewhere in keeping with their club ethos?

    I hear Saughton jail has some space. (thumbsup)

  • RogueLeader \o/

    Paul67 – The team is usually the reflection of the manager. In this case they are the mirror image of that wee nyaff McCall.

    Their tackling was a disgrace n Saturday, and a disgrace the last time we played them. Every challenge from a midfielder was late and studs up.

    The Lasley tackle was over the ball, which was impressive as the ball was 3 inches off the ground at the time!

  • reilly1926

    greenjedi says:
    23 May, 2011 at 12:12
    Gordon J

    Who was it that said “get your retaliation in first”?


    Was it Ghandi ? :-)

  • Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon


    I’m sure a few folk have said that. Were you thinking of anyone in particular?

  • Kittoch

    I think you can see a difference in Ki’s game he looks twice as strong as he did when he arrived, he will be a great player for us next season.

    Tough enough for SPL

    Classy enough for Europe.

  • Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon

    Time to reform the privacy laws.

    Sunday Herald Takes On The Law

  • JaseBhoy


    I agree when I seen the tackle from Dan on Saturday I felt my heart drop thinking it was a straight red! I think the second yellow for handball would have been harsh!

  • baldybhoy

    Fair point Paul,
    All the other SPL teams know that if they stick it to us we don’t like it.
    Good too see broony making this statement.
    Hopefully next season we will get our retaliation in first.

  • CelticSephiroth


    Can’t disagree, I thought his tackle was a shocker, shifted Sutton’s shinguard right around to the back of his leg.

  • lennon’s passion Tiocfaidh Ar La neil lennon

    lennon’s passion Tiocfaidh Ar La neil lennon says:
    23 May, 2011 at 12:15

    Cervi Forster Zaluska
    Du-Ri Hinkel Izaguirre Loovens Majstorovic Mulgrew Rogne Wilson
    Brown Commons Conroy Forrest Juarez Kayal Ledley Ljungberg
    Maloney McCourt McGinn Twardzik Twardzik Yueng
    Hooper Murphy Samaras Stokes
    On Loan
    Hooiveld Hutchinson Marr McGowan O’Dea Rasmussen Thompson Towell

    What players would you sell to make funds for the 3/4 players Neil wants.

    Gk Foster going another Quality Gk needed

    Defender Du-ri,Hinkle,looven and rogne K wilson and the young right back coming in another Quality ch needed

    Midfielder Maloney,jaurez,ljunberg,mccourt and mcGinn ? midfielder

    Forward Murphy an Sammi 2 Quality strikers

    All loan players sold

  • The Battered Bunnet

    To be fair Paul, Majstorivic’s tackle was amongst the worst of the day. Big Dan has done some fine stuff this season, but he was reckless on Saturday, and but for Murray’s benign indecision would have been off the pitch before half time. Bewildering behaviour from the team’s most experienced player.

  • The Honest Mistake (Sickened)

    That tackle was horrible, Provan’s commentary was shocking. Lasley couldn’t pull out of the challenge because of the weather. What about the fact that he had a straight leg, it was above and nowhere near the ball?
    If you look at Rogueleader’s contribution towards the end of the last article you will see proof that last season’s refereeing of Rangers was completely different to everybody else. You will also see statistical proof of BIAS when it comes to booking and sending off Rangers players.

  • JaseBhoy


    You must be on my wave length today!!!

    I think Ki will be a special player for us, I think he will shine on the European stage. He has it all in his locker he is classy on the ball, has a footballing brain, has great vision, has goals in him and he has added that bit of physicality required of a midefield player!

  • philvisreturns

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon – The Human Rights Act 1998 should be abolished. (thumbsup)



  • bournesouprecipe


    Thought it was a red at the time though Danny’s was a very poor challenge which earned a yellow.

  • Kittoch

    Thanks bhoys Tin hat off.

  • The Battered Bunnet


    Can I borrow it?

  • philvisreturns

    I think the difference is, Daniel Majstorovic’s bad tackle was an individual error and not part of Celtic’s game plan. Motherwell went to Hampden looking to kick lumps out of Celtic players. (thumbsup)

  • Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo


    I agree with that bit think Mulgrews distribution sold him short.

    I can accept that Dans stupid handball bestowed blacksheep status on Lasley Jennings and Craigan

    Hail Hail

  • Steinreignedsupreme

    Paul67 -

    Another positive sign that Neil Lennon and the team are learning from previous mistakes.

  • Panenkas_Chip

    Big Dan should be thankful to John Sutton for not making more of a meal of it. It was a horrendous challenge. Paul – agree with your central premise but let’s agree Dan should have walked for the tackle, never mind the handball. I think his form has been very patchy since his injury and we should be looking to the future (Wilson + an Other) in the summer.

    Craigan was also a disgrace – he looked niggly enough from my seat in the North Stand but upon watching the game again, he was extremely lucky to be on the park for various misdemeanours, not least the clearest hand-ball you’ll see ever. Despite this, the BBC contrive to spend all of our money to explain why the ref didn’t get the decision right. WTF?! Regardless, I was delighted to see Craigan put the ball in his own net. Just desserts.

    An appalling display by Calum Murray on Saturday. Decisions wrong for both sides and he let some of the more rough-house stuff from McCall’s nyaffs go unpunished. Someone could have had their career ended on Saturday and the ref has to take responsibility.

    P’s C.

  • Rydoso supports Neil Lennon 110%

    The Honest Mistake (Sickened) says:
    23 May, 2011 at 12:16

    What page is the post from Rougeleader on? Canny seem to find it, cheers…

  • voguepunter

    kitalba says:
    23 May, 2011 at 11:44

    Aye it was meant as a compliment,good on ye.

  • ernie lynch

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon says:
    23 May, 2011 at 12:15
    ‘Time to reform the privacy laws.’

    It seems Giles Coren could be imprisoned for tweeting that Gareth Barry has availed himself of an injunction and that the fact of the imprisonment would have to remain secret.


    Big Eck not being allowed to go anywhere,unless a compensation deal is offered by West Ham.

    What s it with Gold and Sullivan?

    They hired Grant,a manager who had been relegated in his last season,and now they want another failure?

  • The Honest Mistake (Sickened)

    From the last article,
    Yip it looks like Snodgrass qualifies under the homegrown rule but I’m not sure about Barry Bannan.
    To qualify as home grown, a player will have had to be registered for at least three seasons at a Scottish club between the ages of 16 and 21.

  • Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon

    ernie lynch,

    Another reason that the laws need reformed

  • The Honest Mistake (Sickened)


    RogueLeader \o/ says:

    23 May, 2011 at 11:24

    Fair play stats via Twitter. Hunbelievable


  • weeminger

    What is this Lasley challenge of which you speak. It must not have happened because it isn’t in the BBC highlights, and they wouldn’t miss anything as important as that.

    I mean it’s clear from the highlights that Big Dan was lucky to stay on the park. I’m afraid you must have imagined the Lasley challenge. Scott Brown too.

  • reilly1926

    RogueLeader \o/ says:
    23 May, 2011 at 11:24
    Fair play stats via Twitter. Hunbelievable


    Is this for real ?

  • Neil lionroars67 something inside so strong lennon

    The Lasley challenge was reckless, it was a mad lunge made at full pace with a straight leg studs showing, Lasleys boot was just below Loovens knee, Loovens was lucky Lasley made no contact with his straight leg , the challenge was worthy of a red card, certainly in Europe it would have been a red card.

    Big dan was certainly a badly timed slide tackle and worthy of a yellow, agree with those who say fortunate to stay on the pitch after his hand ball.

    Celtic 10 fouls 3 bookings, Motherwell 18 fouls 2 bookings, Murray was in keeping with his fellow MIB

  • Extraordinary

    I posted a few week ago that a friend had emailed his local councillors in relation to the upcoming Orange March. This is the naive, ridiculous, belligerent, assuming reply from the Tory councillor David Meikle (who is 26 btw. A 26 year old Glaswegian Tory councillor? How f’d up do you have to be?)….

    Dear Mr ………….

    I refer to your undernoted email regarding the above and respond as follows.

    All processions in Glasgow are governed by Glasgow City Council’s Public Processions Code of Conduct and other legislation. You may be aware the Code of Conduct was recently amended to address concerns elected members, the Police and others had about all processions, such as Orange Walks, Republican marches, anti cuts demonstrations and so on.

    The Council’s Public Processions Committee (made up of elected members) takes the ultimate decision whether or not to grant Orange Walks (and any other procession) in consultation with Strathclyde Police and other interested parties, and with reference to the Code of Conduct. So Orange Walks (and similar processions) are allowed to continue because (a) the Code of Conduct and other legislation allows them to and (b) the Council committee approves them.

    For your information pedestrians can cross the street during any procession – it is up to the stewards and/or police to ensure the safe crossing of pedestrians. As for your point about drunkenness and aggressive behaviour this surely isn’t applicable to the Orange Order as an organisation and you are referring to spectators which the Orange Order has no control over – indeed this would apply to any organisation which organises a procession

    I am unclear how this year’s (or any other year) Orange Walk will fuel sectarianism or how sectarianism would be addressed by banning Orange Walks as you claim. I take it you also believe Republican marches fuel sectarianism and should be banned to address sectarianism. Some have said publicly that Orange Walks should be banned but the Council disagrees (and legislation prohibits) with this. I also do not remember any incident where these people were targeted by putting forward this view. And just as people have tried to blame a football club, I also think it dangerous to link Orange Walks to the recent nail bomb incident you refer to. They are completely unrelated. It is a criminal act which the Police are investigating.

    Finally, I do not agree that there is an anti-Catholic agenda in Glasgow.

    I trust this is of assistance.


    Councillor David Meikle


    To: Meikle, David
    Subject: Orange walks

    Dear Mr Meikle,

    I’m writing to express my dismay that we’re approaching the annual Orange Walk season, and to state my displeasure that this demonstration is allowed to continue.

    This year in particular, sectarianism appears to have reared it’s ugly head in a dangerous manner, and I feel that the Orange Walk will simply fuel this apparently growing problem. The world is watching now, and I can’t see how sectarianism in our city can be tackled without first tackling the horrible display in our city centre. A friend related to me a story of being caught on the other side of the march (you can’t cross), and standing beside a tourist who, disgusted at the drunkenness and aggressive behaviour, proclaimed that Glasgow was, “The most revolting city in the world”. It’s not, but on that day anyone could be forgiven for thinking that it was. That tourist will not have been the only one who witnessed this, and they will surely have told their friends and family.

    Part of the problem, it seems to me, is a lack of willingness to stand up and say publicly that this display of bigotry should not be tolerated in a cosmopolitan, 21st century city, to say it’s time for this to end, to take that flak (and these days risk a nail bomb), but now more than ever I think action should be taken to help prevent Glasgow sinking backwards into a state where anti-Catholicism is openly tolerated, if not condoned. How did it come to the point where prominent Catholics are targeted in this way?

    I am not a Catholic, but my partner and her family are.

    Mr Meikle – what can be done, and is there a will to tackle this problem?

  • up_over_goal

    At the beginning of the season, I asked posters to decide how many appearances would the following players get this season: Thomas Rogne, Milan Misun, and Marc Crosas.

    Two posters took up the challenge. Here were their predictions:


    Rogne: 4
    Crosas: 2


    Rogne: 7
    Misun: 3
    Crosas: 0

    The true number turned out to be:

    Rogne: 20
    Misun: 0
    Crosas: 3

    And I hereby announce the results of that competition:

    Despite underestimating Rogne’s appearances by more, Mort comes out the winner, and may now decorate his user name accordingly. Congratulations!

    Methinks one poster will be walking with that extra spring in his step this week.


    Not in our nature to use ‘bully boy’ tactics, never has been but one thing for sure, Neil and the team will have learned a thing or three form the past season.
    Brought up on a diet of Stein etc I was lucky enough to see teams playing with swagger and a bit of ” gallas” and that come with confidence. It will return as sure as Dolly Parton sleeps on her back!!
    I feel we need a realy good striker and a solid centre half although I think big Rogne is one for the future. Personally I don’t fancy McFadden or Robbie Keane who have nothing to prove really and I want a striker who has hunger, real hunger. Kinda like the big Geordie Liverpool signed, young with something to prove. I like Becchio at Leeds and their goalie Schmeichel if we can’t sign Forster, although I think he’s a flaw too many for my liking. Subjective I know.
    The cynic in me suggests that the crap Neil Lennon has endured will dissipate now that rankers have won the league, after all we are no threat to them in the close season are we?

    Anyway the new season lurks, I am hopeful, very hopeful because when the dust has settled on the season, it wasn’t half bad really, was it?

    Hail Hail


  • Kittoch

    Is there a concensus that thinks that a sit down with the MIB to discuss the number of cards to foul ratio, would highlight the issue and level the playing field, or will we just be accused of disrupting the SFA and the MIB and cause another strike.

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